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Firmamento (submission Amsterdam Light Festival '17/'18) is a multilayered light installation that plays with the abstract notions of space and time, and at the same time refers in a more concrete but yet unexpected way to the famous Dutch skies.

The Amsterdam Light Festival covers the shortest and darkest days of the year. By celebrating the light it gives hope to overcome the long winter nights and thereby increasing the sense of time. Some people would travel towards sunny parts of the world to dimidiate the season. But what if it would be possible to bring a little exotic sunshine to the Dutch winter nights?!

This proposal for the Water Colors boat route consist of a large dome hovering over the water of the (Herengracht) canal. The dome is composed of smaller circular segments, together combining into a large projection screen. A day light sky will be projected onto the inside of the dome. To be precise, a ‘real-time’ projection of a very particular part of the Dutch sky, namely that of Bonaire. Administratively Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands. Creatively argued, the skies of Bonaire can therefore be considered as part of the Dutch skies. Its geographic location and time difference allows to have an island of actual Dutch daylight sky in a sea of Amsterdam winter darkness. The overlaying image is moving synchronously with the course of the dutch night sky, blending the two and compressing a distance of 7.800 kilometers to nil.

Type:   open call
Year:   2017
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